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Superintendent: Mrs. Tonya M. Shoffner

Mission Statement:
The mission of St Stephen AME Church Christian Education Ministry is to teach our students (children & adults) how to study the Bible, pray,
grow spiritually, and to serve and witness for Christ. The Christian Education members enthusiastically prepares to enrich and touch the lives of our students,
encouraging their hearts and minds to do the will of God. We strive to be a living example for all students of the Christian faith. We follow the Great Commission
Matthew 28:18-20 - Jesus said, "All power is given unto me in heaven & in earth. Go ye therefore, an teach all nations, baptizing them in the name
of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."

  Sunday School is held every Sunday at 9:45 AM in the Sunday School classroom. Lessons for our upcoming sessions are listed below:  
    January 2020 Sunday School Lessons   February 2020 Sunday School Lessons  
    January 5th - "Solomon Summons the Ark" (Click Here)   February 2nd - "Single-Minded Obedience" (Click Here)  
    January 12th - "Solomon Speaks to the People" (Click Here)   February 9th - "God Honoring Piety" (Click Here)  
    January 19th - "Solomon Seeks Gods Blessing" (Click Here)   February 16th - "Kingdom Seeking Prayer" (Click Here)  
    January 26th - "Solomon Anticipates Praise" (Click Here)   February 23rd - "Ever Persevering Petitions" (Click Here)  
    March 2020 Sunday School Lessons   April 2020 Sunday School Lessons  
    March 1st - "A Call to Accountability" (Click Here)   April 5th - "A Just Servant" (Click Here)  
    March 8th - "A Prayer for Justice" (Click Here)   April 12th - "A Resurrected Savior" (Click Here)  
    March 15th - "Consequences for Injustice" (Click Here)   April 19th - "An Executed Scoundrel" (Click Here)  
    March 22nd - "An Argument Against Corruption" (Click Here)   April 26th - "Justice Loving God" (Click Here)  
    March 29th - "Lesson Title" (Click Here)      
    May 2020 Sunday School Lessons   June 2020 Sunday School Lessons  
    May 3rd - "Prophesying Restoration" (Click Here)   June 7th - "Listen to God's Wisdom" (Click Here)  
    May 10th - "Promising Peace" (Click Here)   June 14th - "Value Wisdom" (Click Here)  
    May 17th - "Practice Justice" (Click Here)   June 21st - "Receive Wisdom's Gifts" (Click Here)  
    May 24th - "Repent of Injustice" (Click Here)   June 28th - "Feast with Wisdom" (Click Here)  
    May 31st - "Pursue Love and Justice" (Click Here)      
    July 2020 Sunday School Lessons   August 2020 Sunday School Lessons  
    July 5th - "Vindicating Wisdom (Click Here)   August 2nd - "Faith and Wisdom" (Click Here)  
    July 12th - "The Boy Jesus" (Click Here)   August 9th - "Hearing and Doing" (Click Here)  
    July 19th - "The Wisdom of Jesus" (Click Here)   August 16th - "Living Faith" (Click Here)  
    July 26th - "Wisdom to Follow" (Click Here)   August 23rd - "Taming the Tongue" (Click Here)  
        August 30th - "Two Kinds of Wisdom" (Click Here)
    September 2020 Sunday School Lessons   October 2020 Sunday School Lessons  
    September 6th - "Biased Love" (Click Here)   October 4th - "Love That Intercedes" (Click Here)  
    September 13th - "Obedient Love" (Click Here)   October 11th - "Love for Enemies" (Click Here)  
    September 20th - "Victorious Love" (Click Here)   October 18th - "Love for Neighbors" (Click Here)  
    September 27th - "Revealed Love" (Click Here)   October 25th - "Love That Fails" (Click Here)  
    November 2020 Sunday School Lessons   December 2020 Sunday School Lessons  
    November 1st - "Serving Love" (Click Here)   December 6th - "Called to Be Heir" (Click Here)  
    November 8th - "Abiding Love" (Click Here)   December 13th - "Called to Be Immanuel" (Click Here)  
    November 15th - "Confident Love" (Click Here)   December 20th - "Called to Worship" (Click Here)  
    November 22th - "Responsive Love" (Click Here)   December 27th - "Called to Prepare" (Click Here)  
    November 29th - "Impartial Love" (Click Here)      
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